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Resolutions & The Sales War Zone

So work has resumed, the season of over-indulgence is past, no more Ferrero Rocher, and we embark on the fictitious diet.

Do we start 2012 in this attitude? No way. It is time to put together resolutions; but let’s try an alternative approach. Make the list and see what you are carrying over from last year. My carry over list, includes writing a book, going to the gym four times a week and giving up chocolate. None of which actually happened; I will realistically never give up chocolate. So, my 2012 list is going to be more focused and achievable, just add some hard work and a pinch of TLC.

On reflection, 2011 was the year I decided to take on the fashion world with a boom and embrace my inner entrepreneur. This year, I need to build on this, but make sometime for my wellbeing too. I’m doing what I always wanted to and I couldn’t be more motivated.

2011 ended with a nice old wind down with those closest to me. The laptop was closed (apart from dabbling in a little tweeting) and the break from blogging, styling and writing has given me a fresh new look on my goals for the year.

So, I wanted to start January by doing what I do best. Shop. Imagine that scene from Confessions of a Shopaholic when Rebecca almost pins a girl to the ground to get a pair of Gucci boots in a sample sale? Well I entered the same war zone all in aid of finding me the perfect purchase. It came in the form of a great leather jacket hiding at the back of a rail at a well-known high street shop. Reduced from €100 to €35, it was worth queuing 40 minutes to pay for it and it will carry through to next winter.

That said, my resolution for this year is to invest in timeless pieces to see me through this year and the next. My wish list includes a bag by Mary Katrantzou for Longchamp which becomes available in February, just in time for my trip to London Fashion Week. Bags are always a good investment and will give you years of pleasure!

So that’s the career goals and the wardrobe sorted, now for wellbeing. My past efforts at getting fit have been tantamount to disaster, so I am resolute on finding something that is a good fit for me (no pun intended). So, I have returned to yoga. I always enjoyed it and have signed up to power yoga to provide me with a calm but strict workout. Classes are a great way to get fit and I find working out in a group very motivating. After one class, I can safely say that I ached all over but I’m guessing that’s a good thing. It will take me sometime to gain the flexibility and strength required for the discipline, but hey, my aching joints will thank me by the summer!

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