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Wednesday 13 November 2019

So over: The winter of our discontent

Let’s face it, when we didn’t know as much and obsessed less about economics, we were far, far happier. Surely there’s more to life than endlessly fixating on our country’s financial woes?

We long for a time when a trip down the pub did not automatically equal a to-bail-out-or-not-to-bail-out debate, and when dinner parties did not descend into a should-we-default-on-bondholders argument. In fact, we’d rather we knew nothing of such matters. Our Winter of Discontent is finally over; actually, there’s rather a lot to look forward to. Spring is here.

Consumer spending was up at the beginning of the year, and The Economist is predicting another boom. There are new clothes in the shops and some good weather to wear them in. Not to mention the imminent return of Caroline Morahan, right, seen here at the recent Iftas rocking Miss Havisham chic. Morahan is rumoured to be in talks for a new style show. With Caroline back on our TVs talking fashion, it’s almost like it’s 2006.

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