Sunday 25 March 2018

So over: The group swansong email

Fan of notes: Victoria Beckham
Fan of notes: Victoria Beckham

We've all had them - those long, overly personal, touch of the 'I'm making an Oscars speech' emails from a work contact who we may have vaguely dealt with some years before.

They are leaving their current job. After beginning their missive with an apology for the group email, cue long, winding paragraphs about how much they'd like to thank us all for our support over the years. This is followed by an embarrassingly personal description of how they're finally fulfilling their long-held dream and lifetime ambition to travel, or whatever.

We're not even sure what you look like: stop with the oversharing. We could all be a bit more Victoria B on this one - she is a big fan of the handwritten thank-you note, apparently.

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