Tuesday 10 December 2019

So over: The Facebook unfriend

Georgia keeps her Facebook to just work stuff.
Georgia keeps her Facebook to just work stuff.

Facebook is ruining our friends for us. We all know the friends who, in person, seem like lovely, relatively normal, sensible people. But then there's their Facebook personality. For some, online brings out the 14-year-old in them. It's all about tagging their own house (the gaff), and posting about every snack they eat, and movie they watch - like we care?

Or there's the constant socialiser. They post endless pictures of themselves drinking in various locations, which is totally boring - just their head and yet another pint of Guinness.

Then there are the smug, witty types, who post allegedly funny little captions with pictures of their kids. There's also the passive-aggressive type, who post aggrieved, so-called inspirational quotes, which you think might be directed at you. Or, worse, are those people who post maudlin stuff best left for a night out. Not for reading on the bus into work.

For God's sake, make like Georgia, who keeps her Facebook to just work stuff, and, by and large, keeps her personal life private.

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