Sunday 25 August 2019

So over: The boxset bore

Sofie Grabol as detective Sarah Lund.
Sofie Grabol as detective Sarah Lund.

Before the Christmas party season kicks in, it's stay-in-and-watch-boxsets time. Which brings out that annoying friend, the Boxset Bore. Not only does the Boxset Bore insist on talking endlessly about their own current favourite, they're also a pusher, refusing to let it go until the entire office/circle of friends have started watching it too. Get in there first by committing to your own choice of boxset, so you can throw that in their face when they begin urging you to watch their latest Scandi crime drama. And, by boxset, obviously we don't necessarily mean a tangible set of discs - anything from Netflix, to iTunes, to your download of choice, will suffice.

We thought we'd reached peak Nordic, but with The Saboteurs, a WWII drama set in Norway, we find we have room for more. Instead of the bleakness of The Killing - which stars Danish actress Sofie Grabol as detective Sarah Lund, in one of her iconic jumpers - you have Anna Friel and that sense of cosy nostalgia that comes with any WWII-based telly.

For those looking to commit to a new The Good Wife, check out Rake, on Netflix. And while it's not particularly new, Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon's six-parter, The Trip to Italy, directed by Michael Winterbottom, is just the antidote you'll need after yet another bleak, dark, winter's day.

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