Thursday 5 December 2019

So over: Plugging freebies on Instagram

'Two scrubbers': Amy and Clarisonic.
'Two scrubbers': Amy and Clarisonic.

Celebrities, you need to come up with a better way of plugging your freebies on Instagram. We're not talking about a shot of you wearing an outfit and thanking a designer/PR/store for sending it to you. OOTD (Outfit of the Day) shots are part of why we follow you. But boring shots of a box of make-up/skincare, or a piece of jewellery plonked on your kitchen table are a poor show.

It's a bit tacky; your public don't sign up to see dull shots of the freebies you receive, but for a glimpse into your life, a bit of entertainment, or something funny.

You need to be a bit more creative about your plugging. Make us laugh - see Amy Huberman, who posted this photo, thanking Ireland's top beauty PR, Roisin Tierney-Crowe, for a Clarisonic, with the caption "Two scrubbers".

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