Saturday 17 March 2018

So over: Peacocking men

Ronan Keating pictured with his wife, Storm.
Ronan Keating pictured with his wife, Storm.

Conor McGregor gets away with the ostentation because it's part of his job description to be this in-your-face. And it is fashion stylist Darren Kennedy's job. But for the man on the street, sartorial peacocking has become a bit tired.

What is it? A dressier step on from the 'I'm in a British band' or 'I'm a hairdresser' skinny silhouette of skinny jeans, skinny tie, waistcoat. The Peacock is  a take on the classic 'English dandy in a Prince-of-Wales three-piece suit'. Even the current classic English dandy - model David Gandy - looks a bit awkward in it. So what hope has the average Irish male who, let's  face it, tends towards the lumpen? 

It's one thing to take some style inspiration from Prince Charles's look, but as Mademoiselle Chanel said - before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off. In this case, it's the pocket square, as seen on Ronan Keating, pictured with his wife, Storm.

We never thought we'd be holding up Mark Zuckerberg as style inspiration, but there's something to be said for his recent post of a picture of his wardrobe - all grey T-shirts and hoodies. Nothing wrong with keeping it real.

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