Wednesday 24 January 2018

So over: Feminist bandwagonism

Amy Huberman
Amy Huberman

Before anyone accuses us of being anti-feminist, we're not. But isn't, or shouldn't, the point of feminism be that it is a freeing, empowering force? Rather than a proscriptive one, used merely as another means to tell women what they're not doing right.

Is replacing the old straightforward sexism for a PC stick with which to beat us, really that much of an improvement? Sure, it's great that every interview with a female celebrity, such as Amy Huberman. now requires her to declare her feminist credentials. Get the word out, by all means. But what's the point, if the current F-word crush is solely for a definition that is within the boundaries of what the PC, 'ban bossy', or 'Lean in' brigades deem appropriate?

Feminism should be about all women living however they want.

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