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So over: Diet experts

Gillian McKeith’s recent outing on I’m a Celebrity was our tipping point. Is there anyone, anywhere, who finds this woman inspirational?

But it’s not just poor old wizened Gillian and her annoying busybody ways. We’ve enough denial to be dealing with right now without the self-flagellation these diet gurus advocate. Not to mention the sort of TV that goes with this movement: nasty, classist, bear-baiting stuff, which the Brits do so well.

Yes, we want to look healthy, but we find we no longer want to achieve the trimness that’s required to shoehorn ourselves into a bandage dress. Washboard stomach? Meh. We’d rather have another biscuit and worry about it later. Fashion’s latest move towards the skater skirt is far more forgiving on the figure, and far more fitting for the times. Life is tough enough right now without having to starve oneself into submission.

And anyway, wouldn’t we all rather be like Nigella, left, than Gillian, anyday?