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So over: Botox


Orla Brady

Orla Brady


Orla Brady

It's official. We have reached peak Botox. If you're wondering whether someone you know has had Botox, it's when their forehead slowly starts to look like it's spreading, and taking over their entire face. A huge, wrinkle-free plane starts widening between the eyebrows.

These days, fillers, which lead to those awful puffy faces, are barely even considered as having had 'work' done. Botox and fillers have become the new norm for 30-plus women in certain social circles, in areas of Dublin. To the point where those who don't have 'work', now look attractive purely by dint of not having resorted to the needle.

See Irish actress Orla Brady (pictured)  who has said that she actually feels better about her face as she gets older. If we looked like her at any age, never mind at 54, we'd feel fantastic about ourselves. The woman has a point. We're all ageing, people. Time to get on board with it and embrace it. Botox has jumped the shark.

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