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So over: Bargain-bin grocery shopping

God knows we all deserve a few cheap little pick-me-ups nowadays — wallet-friendly nuggets of luxury to cushion the blow of our daily grind.

Which is why we’re declaring an end to the sort of frantic, frazzled shopping that saw us spread the weekly shop over five supermarkets in an effort to get the cheapest version of every single item on our list. Think about it, people. These days, any money you might have saved on the shopping goes on the petrol you’ve used in travelling to multiple grocery stores. Which is why we’ll be taking a leaf out of the book of Marty Whelan, right, with his wife Maria, and treating ourselves to a little online shopping at www.tesco.ie. Not only does it save precious time and money, but, by avoiding impulse sweet purchases, you’ll possibly lose a few inches off your waist. There’s no pester power from the toddlers, either. And, just to ease your conscience, the special offers are all there too on the website.