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So over: Austerity

We’ve been landed with at least four years of bleak, relentless austerity, so we’ve decided to give ourselves the month of January off. The first month of the year is a time for major bargains, so we’ll be treating ourselves to regular early-bird treats on Saturday nights now that we’re out from under the X Factor spell.

Sartorially speaking, the end of the Christmas sales is the best time to pick up amazing bargains in designer underwear. And we’ll be packing our social diaries full. Arnotts still has its rooftop ice rink until January 23. Dublin’s Temple Bar TradFest, from January 26 to 30, promises lots of free entertainment.

Tommy Tiernan is playing in Vicar Street on numerous dates throughout the month. The Holiday World Show, from January 28 to 30 in the RDS, at least allows us to dream of all those holidays we may not take this year. For your hit of celebrity glamour, Andrea Corr, right, is at the Gate until January 15 in the role of Jane Eyre, in the play of the same name.