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So over: All white on the night

We like a nice, summer white as much as the next person. Crisp tennis whites with Pimms, you say? Yes, please. A white linen kaftan, casually thrown over a bikini? Natch; it’s a staple of our beach bag. But white eveningwear? Puh-leease.

It looks like some desperate attempt to appear virginal or bridal. Or worse: both. The virginal-bridal look is only OK if you’re walking down the aisle; otherwise, in this day and age, it just looks a bit delusional. Rosanna and your train, right — just one of the many white-fright offenders at the recent VIP Style Awards — take note. Also, evening white doesn’t do fake tan any favours; the clean white highlights any patchiness, and provides a gleaming canvas for whatever tan that inevitably rubs off. The end result? A grubby outfit; the antithesis of summer whites. For daytime only, ladies.