Saturday 16 December 2017

Smudgy patterns overtake floral styles

Anne Hatheway. Photo: Getty Images
Anne Hatheway. Photo: Getty Images

We’ve had floral prints, animal patterns and various kinds of geometric styles, but these days defined lines look a little passé. To be truly fashion forward there should be no recognisable outline on your outfit, as smudgy patterns are all the rage.

This new style sees colours bleeding into each other, with no discernable beginning or ending. Black, grey and white are three of the most popular shades for the look, although the daring out there might also experiment with bold blues and purples, or oranges and yellows.

The main thing is for the pattern on your dress, skirt or top to look undone, as if the edges of each pool of colour have been attacked with a rubber and so are smudged. Beware of opting for a piece with too many shades stuck together though, as it’s a fine line between smudged chic and tie-dye nightmare.

Although the look might sound hard to get right, it’s actually surprisingly easy. A dress featuring ripples of grey and white can be paired with bright earrings or heels to give added excitement, while a brighter looking patterned frock only calls for killer heels and some dark tights.

Hollywood stars have gone wild for the craze, with Anne Hathaway rocking a blue, purple and black version to a red carpet event last month. She teamed hers with black heels and undone hair, with a slash of red lipstick finishing the look perfectly. Singer Florence Welch has also embraced the style, teaming her purple and grey skirt with a see-through black shirt for added sex appeal.

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