Saturday 7 December 2019

SJP vs Carrie Bradshaw

It's 10 years since Sex and the City, so how has Sarah Jessica Parker's style evolved since leaving Carrie behind?

Sarah Jessica Parker famously said she was 'never Carrie Bradshaw' but fans of SATC find the two hard to distinguish from one another.

Both are style icons. Both are BFFs with Vogue and Anna Wintour. And both found their special someone (one was a lot earlier than the other though).

Either way, we're both outrageously jealous of their wardrobes.

We usually SJP strolling the streets of New York in low-key clothing wither her three children, whereas Carrie treated the sidewalk as her own personal catwalk.

After her less than flattering Met Ball look, we rate SJP's style versus her on-screen alter ego...and there's more than a few surprise similarities.

The official game of Who Wore It Better begins...

The Pantsuit

Carrie: 9/10

SJP: 8/10


WINNER: This one was neck and neck. But Carrie's tailored accessories win this round.


Carrie: 5/10

SJP: 8/10

WINNER: SJP. Hands down. Classy and elegant.

Pretty in Pink

Carrie: 7/10

SJP: 7/10


WINNER: Even tie.



Carrie: 10/10

SJP: 3/10


WINNER: It's the newspaper dress. Do we need to dignify that with a response?


The Wedding Dress

Carrie: 8/10

SJP: 10/10

WINNER: Sure, Sarah's black dress from her 1997 wedding mightn't be to everyone's taste - but she rocked a coloured gown nearly 20 years before it became trendy.



*This one is a minefield - it's the one time SJP and Carrie completely fuse.

tulle crop.jpg

The Floral Look

Carrie: 9/10

SJP: 7/10

SJP floral.jpg

WINNER: Carrie put her own modern twist on this elegant look. Two MAJOR thumbs up.


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