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Simone's stylish collection has London set buzzing

SIMONE Rocha scored a hat trick at London Fashion Week with her third critically acclaimed collection in 18 months.

The tenacious Dubliner – who celebrated her 27th birthday last week – delivered a beautifully edited collection with everything from punk elements and cocoon shapes to embellished duster coats, dresses with 'feng shui' windows that revealed flesh below and sheer knee-high socks decorated with flowers and pearls and worn with silver and satin brogues.

Inspired by a trip to the West of Ireland earlier this year, Simone called up an arsenal of mental images she stored all the way back to Hackney in East London.

There were the moss and rocks, gorse and sheep, and they all popped up in some shape or form, while her gorgeous, luxe-look leather coat hummed on the catwalk and was, Simone said, "a real Irish green".

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