Tuesday 24 April 2018

Shop neutral: How to shop without spending any money

Shop neutral by buying those new shoes after selling unwanted ones first.
Shop neutral by buying those new shoes after selling unwanted ones first.

Angela Scanlon

If you want to shop without spending, then you need to shop neutral. Shopping neutral is when you offset the cost of buying new items by selling old unwanted ones. One woman's trash is another’s treasure.

You rummage through your wardrobe and ruthlessly clear what you don’t want – perhaps a gorgeous pair of shoes that you can’t wear or a pretty floral dress that seemed like a good idea at the time, but doesn’t ever cry to be worn.

Once you’ve gathered a few bits and pieces, you sell them and hopefully make a hefty profit that you can spend guilt-free.

If it still seems a little confusing, Kim Gilbert of design and styling duo Attack on Humans offers this advice:

Why Shop Neutral?

For those, like me, who want to buy this season’s hottest trends but can’t afford them, shopping neutral is the perfect answer. Everyone is sitting on a mountain of unwanted items at home and by selling on your old, unwanted items you can make a handsome amount. With the money made, you can then get shopping.

Can you actually make cash?

You can make big money on eBay.ie, as long as you know what you’re doing. The site has loads of tips on how to best list your items and if you follow those easy steps you’ll be good to go. I know that from selling the items in the video, I managed to make over €150. Not bad at all!

What's the best thing you ever found on eBay?

eBay.ie brims with awesome finds, but the best thing I ever bought has to be a beautiful and unworn vintage suede Escada jacket, for €80. It makes me feel like Linda Evangelista every time I wear it. Coming close has to be an incredible pair of unworn ballet pumps by Marc Jacobs, still in their box for a mere €5.

Kim has fronted a new video that explains how to shop neutral and demonstrates how she gets her hands on this season’s five hottest trends without spending a penny.

Check out the video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLi6jzu_BaI

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