Sunday 19 November 2017

Scottish Fashion Awards accused of results rigging

Tali Lennox
Tali Lennox

Bibby Sowray

The Scottish Fashion Awards have received criticism from the disgruntled father of one of the losing nominees.

Scottish singer Fish of Eighties band Marillion, whose daughter lost out on an award to Tali Lennox, has suggested the recent Scottish Fashion Awards were rigged.

He also said the models were treated poorly backstage - claims which founder Tessa Hartman has fiercely denied.

Scottish singer Fish - real name Derek Dick - has accused the organisers of the awards of "staggeringly" bad management, and has also implied that one of the results was a fix.

Fish's model daughter Tara Nowy was nominated for the Scottish Model of the Year Award but lost out to better-known Tali Lennox, who also happens to be the daughter of a Scottish singer, Annie Lenox - a result he claims his daughter believes was rigged.

He has also claimed that teenage models who took part in the catwalk show were reportedly left waiting for hours backstage with limited food and drink and in freezing conditions.

Fish - who was the face paint-wearing front man of neo-progressive rock band Marillion back in the Eighties - aired his views on the comments section of the ‘Scotsman 's website, underneath an article about the previous night's event. "She (Tara) accepted the outcome in the gracious manner I have come to expect of her and she felt privileged to be nominated. No animosity and although she felt the decision preordained she was just happy to be considered.," wrote Fish. "What upset me was seeing her so down at the treatment both she and the other models endured during the day. Backstage I was told it was chaotic… Hours waiting in freezing air conditioned rooms with hardly anything to eat or drink, no information, a delayed show, confusion with regards arena access and a lacklustre catwalk where she had one outfit before the show closed abruptly and the VIPs emptied out to dinner next door. Staggeringly badly stage managed."

He ended the comments saying the reported treatment was a trademark of a "cold and brutal industry that generates millions for those in control of (others) fragile dreams."

The accusations have been fiercely denied by Tessa Hartman, the founder of the awards. "It's beyond disrespectful to suggest that an award was rigged," she told the’ Scotsman’ . "I'm a parent myself. It was a long day and you want your daughter to win. He has over-reacted, like an emotional father, and I think he'll regret it later." Responding to the claims about poor treatment of models Hartman said: "They were waiting a long time but you're doing a live show. You need a stiff back in this industry and if she doesn't like it she shouldn't be in it. We've given these girls an amazing platform. She was modelling couture from Paris. We haven't had any other complaints. I think it's a classical Scottish thing when you don't win to throw your toys out of the pram. It's disappointing for Scotland."

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