Wednesday 13 November 2019

Roland Mouret proud of Galaxy dress legacy

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OUT OF THIS WORLD: Above, Cameron Diaz looks edible in the must-have Galaxy, as does Rachel Weisz (middle) in a green version of the same style. Victoria Beckham (far left), however, doesn't seem to have the shape to fill it. Photos: Rex Features

Roland Mouret is proud of his iconic Galaxy dress because it put him in the "fashion dictionary".

The designer is renowned for creating the tight-fitting frock, which has been worn by most of the major celebrities including Victoria Beckham and Rachel Weisz. It has seen many incarnations during his career, sometimes with sleeves and other times without, and with varying necklines. While many designers hate being synonymous with just one pieces, Roland is proud of his legacy.

“It was the pinnacle of what I believe my work is about. It’s not about me, it’s about the dress. I loved it! I love the fact that one dress become more famous than anything I could become as a designer,” he told the May edition of UK magazine InStyle. “That dress was talking for me and fending for me and putting me in the dictionary of fashion. It was amazing.”

Roland resigned from his eponymous label in 2005 following a disagreement with backers, and now designs under the name RM by Roland Mouret. He admits the period when he left the fashion house was tough, although he now thinks it was worth the struggle.

“It was weird. When I lost my name, I felt like I’d lost one of my limbs, but I learnt how to carry on without it, as you become stronger when you face adversity,” he explained. “But with my name back, all that fight was over.”

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