Thursday 23 November 2017

Red carpet wrap: Victoria Beckham v Sharon and Kelly Osbourne

Rowena Walsh

Rowena Walsh

With the Oscars dominating the fashion pages this week, we take a closer look at who ruled the post-award red carpet and who needs to go back to the drawing board.

Victoria Beckham

She's renowned for her love of labels so really we weren't that surprised when VB went out and made one all of her own. It seems that one or two designers were a little bit loathe to lend their precious wares to the singer-turned-clothes-horse.

She wasn't exactly cool, y'know. But our Vickie is one determined lady, so she got busy sewing and the result was truly shocking.

Forget Wag-wear, Mrs Beckham has created a line of really fabulous dresses, ones that we'd actually like to wear. And we're not alone. Elle Macpherson has frequently been poured into one of her frocks. Posh Spice, who is always first to be spotted in her own designs, used Elton John's annual Oscar party to show off this gorgeous gown from her next collection. The print was apparently inspired by a Dick Tracy comic. We'd just love to see what she makes of Ironman ...

Sharon and Kelly Osbourne

We are so, so tired of the Osbournes. We always thought Sharon was horribly insincere during her X Factor stint, and as for Kelly and her trips to rehab and yo-yo weight loss -- yawn! At least we're spared the sight of Ozzy and Jack popping up at the opening of an envelope. If only the women in their lives could follow their example.

Here they are at one of the many post-Oscar parties (God only knows why they were invited), looking, well, quite horrifying actually. Sharon is channelling a mother-of-the-bride look, circa 1980, and is that a stray bra strap we spy? Shame on you! Kelly, bless her, is continuing the theme in a somewhat unflattering feathered confection. Their outfits undoubtedly cost a fortune, next time they should spend some of that money on their hair.

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