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Monday 20 January 2020

Red carpet wrap: Mad Men showdown

Rowena Walsh

It's the TV show that trendy types love for the fashion, so how well do the ladies of Mad Men do when they step out of character?

Best dressed: Christina Hendricks

She stars as seductive secretary Joan Holloway in the oh-so-stylish-it-almost-hurts Mad Men (but then Don Draper somehow manages to make it all better -- sigh ... ).

But it's one thing to look good on screen when every detail of your seriously sexy appearance has been scrupulously considered, quite another when you're left to your own devices.

After all, even the most dedicated fan would struggle to recognise her co-star January Jones who favours jeans and vest tops over Betty Draper's amazing outfits. Which is actually very inconsiderate of her, when you think about it.

Anyway, back to Ms Hendricks, and the real question we have to ask is, would Joan approve? She has high, high standards, y'know. Thankfully, the answer is a resounding yes.

Her alter ego stole the show when she turned up at the season premiere in this '80s-inspired short lace dress by D&G with her fabulous red hair swept into an updo. Stunning.

Worst dressed: Elisabeth Moss

It's funny really. In one episode of Mad Men, Christina Hendricks' character advises ad exec Peggy, played by Elisabeth Moss, that how a woman dresses and behaves will directly affect the way men in the office treat her. She reckons, and she's right, that it's time for dowdy Peggy to grow up.

It seems that Elisabeth could benefit from paying a bit more attention to Joan's wise words. While we appreciate her stunning one-shoulder, figure-hugging cocktail dress (by Oscar de la Renta, natch), but, and it's a big but, Moss looks as if she's playing dress-up in her mother's wardrobe.

Perhaps it's the barely there make-up, the unflattering hemline or maybe it's as simple as bad accessorising. We doubt even Ms Hendricks could carry off those truly awful shoes.

But we're sorry to say that this campaign has crashed and burned.

Next time, Elisabeth, spend some quality time with the show's stylists before you venture down the red carpet.

Believe us, it'll be worth it.

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