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Red carpet wrap: Lindsay Lohan and Demi Moore

Cougar icon Demi Moore braved the chilly conditions in London to support husband Ashton Kutcher's new film while starlet Lindsay Lohan partied at the Brits, but who rocked the red carpet and who needs a new stylist?

Worst dressed: Lindsay Lohan

It doesn't seem that long ago since Lindsay Lohan was being lauded as a fresh-faced beauty, with her stunning red hair and enviable curves. The world was at her feet after her performance in Mean Girls. She was sweet, sexy and sassy, and then she started believing her own publicity.

Now too many parties, trips to rehab and public spats with on-off lover Samantha Ronson, not to mention knickerless-gate, have taken the gloss off the rapidly ageing starlet.

She looks like she's just rolled out of bed in this, ahem, unflattering dress paired with shoes so tacky even the most desperate WAG would refuse to wear. Can you believe that there's 24 years between herself and Demi Moore?! Scary, isn't it?

Best dressed: Demi Moore

She hasn't exactly lit up the big screen lately, but Demi's still a pro, from the top of her artfully coiffed hair to the tips of her perfectly pedicured toes.

Here she is, in a stunning strapless Marchesa dress that should be worn for cocktails while watching the sun go down in some impossibly exotic setting, rather than braving freezing temperatures on a damp February evening in London.

Still a body like this doesn't come cheap, so she might as well show it off.

Demi doesn't actually star in the movie -- that role's reserved for her husband -- but she's got the far more onerous task of providing the glamour.

Video of the Day

After all, anyone can act, but not everyone has the dedication to risk hypothermia just to work an outfit like this. Ashton certainly isn't taking any chances. Demi, we're in awe!

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