Friday 23 March 2018

Red Carpet Wrap: Best and worst dressed celebs

Best Dressed Celeb

Eva Longoria-Parker

You can just imagine it. A small-town girl dreams about leaving her humdrum home for the bright lights of Hollywood. She's going to make it big, and when she does, she is going to pull out all the stops to let everyone know she's a star.

Sounds like a fairytale?! Not for Eva Longoria-Parker.

The actress, who has never knowingly missed a chance to get all dressed up, looks breathtaking in her Emilio Pucci white silk chiffon gown. It should swamp her petite frame, but what she lacks in inches, she more than makes up for in chuptzah.

We've no idea why she's actually at Cannes. We don't think that she has a film showing in the festival.

But perhaps all the flashing lightbulbs are exerting an irresistible pull on the notoriously shy Desperate Housewife...

Worst Dressed Celeb

Heather Mills

Oh Heather, sometimes it's just too easy. Don't you know playsuits are for super-svelte 16-year-olds, not 42-year-old wannabes?

But we suppose she just couldn't resist a chance to get down with the kids. We'd like to be surprised, but we've seen it all before -- many, many times.

Here she is displaying all her assets (yet again, yawn) at the premiere of StreetDance3D. We're sure she enjoyed posing for the paparazzi, if not the actual movie.

A word to the wise, Heather, you can't bring it with you, so why not bite the bullet and just spend a teensy, tiny part of that massive settlement from ex-sugar daddy Paul, and treat yourself to a decent stylist. Believe us, the world would thank you for it.

-- Rowena Walsh

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