Wednesday 21 February 2018

Red Carpet Wrap: Best and worst dressed

Actress Diane Kruger's tie-dye dress is unflattering
Actress Diane Kruger's tie-dye dress is unflattering
Naomi Campbell has still got it after 25 years in the business

Worst dressed: Diane Kruger

Life is increasingly uncertain these days, but there are certain truths that we hold close to our heart. Black will always be the new black, Manolos will always be uncomfortable (but worth every stab of pain) and Diane Kruger will always give good red carpet.

So imagine our surprise, nay our dismay, when we saw this. We wondered if it was some kind of joke. We had to check the date in case April 1 had moved. But no, it is actually the middle of July, and Diane has actually chosen to wear a tie-dye dress that does absolutely nothing for her enviable figure.

We're confused, perplexed and shocked. Clearly the universe is demanding payback for this unexpected outbreak of sun we're enjoying.

We understand that. We almost expected it. We just didn't think we'd have to pay such a high price. Our icon has feet of clay – hidden by her choice of dress, admittedly. We're going to lie down in a darkened room with a cool compress. We hope the world will still be spinning on its axis next week.

Best dressed: Naomi Campbell

Just what is her secret? There must be a portrait very well hidden in her attic. After 25 years in the modelling business, you might expect to see a little wear and tear, but not on Naomi. The ultimate supermodel has certainly still got it – in spades.

Her billionaire ex may have run off with the young clothes-horse she had been mentoring but she's showing him exactly what he's missing as she pours herself into this stunning tiered gown by Azzedine Alaia.

When it comes to lovelorn models, dressing up is definitely the best revenge.

Still, we're not fooled. Ms Campbell may look so demure that it's hard to believe she's ever uttered a word in anger, but we know some airline staff who might just disagree.

Admire from afar, and remember this look is for supers only; mere mortals can only dream.

– Rowena Walsh

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