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Red Carpet Wrap: Best and worst dressed


Emily Blunt and Claire Danes

Emily Blunt and Claire Danes

Emily Blunt and Claire Danes

Who is a style queen and who should be taken away by the fashion police this week?

Best dressed: Emily Blunt

Pity poor Emily. She played the role of fashion's most fabulous assistant in The Devil Wears Prada and got to parade about in one amazing ensemble after another. Talk about a dream role.

But if that's your first claim to fame, then you're going to feel a bit of pressure on the red carpet. It's only natural. After all, there are so many mean-spirited people out there who just can't wait to judge the sartorial choices of others, even when they're trying their very best.

Never mind, Emily, you've made the cut -- this time. We quite like this elegant Carolina Herrera dress. Don't get too complacent, though.

Let's be blunt, Emily, your reputation is only as good as your last red-carpet night out.

Worst dressed: Claire Danes

It's torture! Make it stop, please. It's agony for our eyes ... Honestly, is it really necessary for Claire Danes to bring her work home?!

We know that she's receiving rave reviews for her performance as an incredible CIA agent in Homeland, but we didn't know that her duties included actually torturing poor innocent fashionistas.

We would never have guessed that Claire would do this to us. After all, normally her reserved style could be characterised as, well, safe (you know we really mean boring, don't you?!).

Obviously she was feeling a bit reckless when she chose this ill-fitting, and frankly messy, patchwork Preen dress. But actually she looks as if she's channelling her bipolar TV character on a day when she forgot to take her pills.

Not even peep-toe Louboutin heels can help Claire save the day.

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