Tuesday 20 March 2018

Red Carpet Wrap: Best and worst dressed

Catherine Heigl and Jane Goldman
Catherine Heigl and Jane Goldman

Deirdre Rooney

Who is a style queen and who should be taken away by the fashion police this week?

Worst dressed: Jane Goldman

We're all for dressing for the occasion but we do wonder if some people take dressing the part a little too literally.

Take Jane Goldman (aka Mrs Jonathan Ross), for instance.

Pictured here at the London premiere of new movie The Woman in Black, Ms Goldman seems to have interpreted the title as some sort of dress code.

Now there's nothing wrong with a little black dress for a red carpet occasion, it's just this particular dress looks like it would be better suited on some type of evil fairy, not the writer of the film.

Known for her bright red hair and quirky style, Ms Goldman stayed true to form by pairing the tulle-filled lace dress with a pair of high-wedged lace-up boots. If anything screams 'I'm no follower of fashion', this get-up does.

But then we could be totally missing the point of this outrageous outfit. The Woman in Black is, after all, a horror film, and if Ms Goldman was just trying to scare us, she has certainly succeeded.

Best dressed: Katherine Heigl

When you've classic good looks you really do have to work hard to make a show of yourself on the red carpet. But if you happen to have a classic fashion style to match your natural beauty, you're 100pc guaranteed to turn some heads -- every time.

Katherine Heigl is one such lucky gal. Armed with a statuesque figure, blonde locks, full lips and a beaming white smile, the actress was already on to a winner at the New York premiere of her latest film, One For The Money.

But the big-screen beauty really rubbed it in when she donned this stunning red Hervé L Leroux dress, Jimmy Choos topped off with a lashing of red lipstick. What some of us wouldn't give for even one of her aesthetic attributes, never mind a go of her Jimmy Choos!

I guess we'll just have to learn how to be happy for those more fortunate than ourselves.

Katherine may be the lady in red but we sure are green with envy!

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