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Red Carpet Wrap: Best and worst dressed


Rooney Mara and Alexandra Roach

Rooney Mara and Alexandra Roach

Rooney Mara and Alexandra Roach

Who is a style queen and who should be taken away by the fashion police this week?

Best dressed: Rooney Mara

She's become famous for portraying a vengeful, tattoo-covered punk, so who could blame the star of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for indulging her inner fashionista as soon as the director shouted cut. We certainly don't!

Impressively, Rooney has embraced every opportunity to show off her style on the red carpet. We like that she's not afraid to turn heads with avant-garde, unconventional choices.

It's exactly what you'd expect from the woman who beat Scarlett Johansson to the most coveted female movie role of the year. But Rooney is just as unpredictable as her alter ego, and for the Paris premiere, she's channelling classic glamour in a gorgeous Louis Vuitton dress from the Pre-Fall 2012 collection.

But this is no bland LBD: its leather and beaded detailing adds just the right elements of edginess and that red pout provides a perfect pop of colour. Lisbeth might not approve, but we certainly do!

Worst dressed: Alexandra Roach

So you've got your big break and you're starring in a Meryl Streep movie. Stardom awaits! Everyone is going to know your name!

But for some reason, all anyone seems to talk about is Meryl.

Meryl and her amazing portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in your movie.

Meryl and her certain Oscar nomination.

Meryl this.

Meryl that.

It's enough to drive a Welsh starlet back to the Valleys.

However, you've learned a thing or two since playing the young Maggie.

She was famously not for turning when she made her mind up. And you know just how to make sure the paparazzi notice you.

It's drastic, for sure, but Maggie never shied from the hard decisions and neither will you.

It's so simple, really: just put on a hideously unflattering dress, strike a pose and try not to blink when all those camera flashes are focused on you.

By tomorrow, it's a dead cert that everyone will be talking about you.

Maggie will be so proud...

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