Monday 20 November 2017

Red Carpet Wrap: Best and worst dressed

From left: Anne Hathaway and Dianna Argon
From left: Anne Hathaway and Dianna Argon
Rowena Walsh

Rowena Walsh

Who is a style queen and who should be taken away by the fashion police this week?

Best dressed: Anne Hathaway

She's had a hard time of it in the last few years. Yes, she's a feted movie star, who just happens to have kissed quite a few cuties and got paid for it too. But her ex boyf did turn out to be a felon, which isn't exactly a turn-on.

We like to give credit where it's due, so congrats to Ms Hathaway. There's only one way to deal with the naysayers who believe she wasn't fit to play the leading role in David Nichols' hit novel One Day (some people are just so picky -- it's not as if she can eat a few too many puddings and pretend she was born in Yorkshire!!). And that way is to put your best dress on and hold your head up high (obviously letting a stylist, make-up artist and hairdresser do their magic is essential too).

She's got it sussed in this stunning Alexander McQueen number, which simply screams I'm a movie star. We always appreciate a nipped-in waist and we're sure your new man does too.

But Anne, you can relax now, you look fab, skip the screening and treat yourself to a cupcake or two.

Worst dressed: Dianna Argon

When you're best known for showing off your fabulous figure in a teeny tiny cheerleader outfit, it's understandable that sometimes you'd feel the urge to relax, breathe out and swaddle yourself in something a little less restrictive. Understandable but not forgivable -- some of us have standards, y'know.

And definitely not a sight to be seen on the red carpet. Such a display should be kept strictly within prescribed boundaries, not in public where people can actually, shudder, see you . . .

Isn't this a lesson that all starlets learn as soon as the bus from small-town America drops them at the Hollywood sign?!? So we're more than a little shocked to see Glee's Dianna Argon letting it all hang out at a premiere.

There may be just the smallest hint of method in her seeming madness though. Perhaps she's trying to show that she's at one with the little people in these tough times.

While we, of course, don't actually consider ourselves to be one of the huddled masses, we certainly don't think they want to see a celebrity dressing themselves in a pair of old curtains, no matter how much she pretends to embrace her inner recessionista.

We want glamour, dammit. Dianna, you've flunked!

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