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Red Carpet Wrap: Best and worst dressed


From left: Mila Kunis and Vanessa Hudgens

From left: Mila Kunis and Vanessa Hudgens

From left: Mila Kunis and Vanessa Hudgens

Who is a style queen and who should be taken away by the fashion police this week?

Best dressed: Mila Kunis

We know that the gal does glam, not to mention girls (we'll never forget that scene with Natalie Portman in Black Swan, and we'd bet the boys in the audience won't either).

So we're not surprised to see Mila looking really quite fabulous at the premiere of Friends With Benefits.

She certainly had good reason to pull out all the stops and work a seriously sexy silhouette. In the movie, she and co-star Justin Timberlake get to know each other very well, and rumours were rife that the two on-screen lovers had become, shall we say, close off-set.

They've definitely got chemistry -- anyone who spied them at this year's Oscars knows that. It was around then that Trousersnake split up with long-term girlfriend Jessica Biel . . . Now apparently he and Jess are 'quietly seeing each other again'.

Seemingly, single life wasn't quite as much fun as he expected.

If Mila wants to show him exactly what he's missing, this figure-hugging, flame-coloured Lavin dress is just perfect.

Worst dressed: Vanessa Hudgens

Okay, boys, take a good look at this girl. Now, you may not recognise her with her clothes on (although she is trying her best to help you by opting for this skimpy little number), but this is actually Vanessa Hudgens.

She's the High School Musical starlet with the unfortunate habit of losing her sexy photos. Thankfully they do turn up -- usually on several websites just as she has a film to promote. It must be so distracting for the wholesome star with the simple ambition of wanting to break into, em, adult movies.

Still, her tendency towards forgetfulness is probably the reason why she turned up at the Captain America premiere straight from a day out at the beach.

Poor thing, she must have panicked when she realised how late she was.

To be fair, the actress did try to tart herself up. But those wedges and that oversized clutch aren't doing her embellished tunic any favours.

She should have just waited for the DVD to come out.

Nice new haircut, though.

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