Friday 23 March 2018

Red Carpet Wrap: Best and worst dressed

From left: Kate Hudson and Geri Halliwell
From left: Kate Hudson and Geri Halliwell
Rowena Walsh

Rowena Walsh

Who is a style queen and who should be taken away by the fashion police this week?

Best dressed: Kate Hudson

It's a nightmare scenario -- for most women, that is. Imagine you're eight months pregnant, and you have to appear on the red carpet promoting your latest movie, side by side with your svelte co-stars.

Honestly, it's enough to make a girl hide in her bedroom with a month's supply of chocolate and lock the door.

Ms Hudson is made of sterner stuff though.

If you've got it, flaunt it has always been the motto of Goldie's girl, and she certainly wasn't going to let a little thing like a baby bump stop her from being the main attraction. Given how perky, pretty and downright fabulous she is in her Versace gown, who can blame her?

Little Ms Sunshine truly is glowing, and it's not just down to the huge engagement ring she's sporting.

What's particularly sickening is that she didn't just pull out all the stops for this particular premiere. The night before she went to the Met Ball, looking just as good in Stella McCartney.

The award for the yummiest mummy-to-be definitely goes to Kate.

Worst dressed: Geri Halliwell

Anything you can do, I can do better! Do you think it's possible that Geri might just have been humming that ditty, under her breath of course, as she squeezed herself into this teeny tiny number?

After all, before she started making her own, Victoria had been very fond of Herve Leger dresses. But the Ginger one certainly isn't Posh.

While the dress itself is lovely, it isn't described as a bandage for nothing, and Geri certainly appears like she's gasping for breath. It's never a good look. And neither is trying to emulate Barbie Spice.

Geri, next time, ring Victoria. We're sure she'd be happy to lend you something a little more appropriate.

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