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Red Carpet Wrap: Best and worst dressed


Cheryl Cole and Eva Green

Cheryl Cole and Eva Green

Cheryl Cole and Eva Green

Who is a style queen and who should be taken away by the fashion police this week?

Best Dressed: Cheryl Cole

Right, it's confession time. We're going to admit something very surprising, perhaps even shocking.

We're not one of Cheryl Cole's fans.

It's not that we think she's just an over-emotional clothes horse.

Or that all she's done is toss her hair (a lot) and indulge her tear ducts (even more) and somehow that's transformed her from wannabe WAG to style queen.

We're just a bit tired of the ubiquitous Geordie-girl-done-good.

But actually she does try hard (some might say too hard...) to look her best.

She doesn't often grace the red carpet, but judging on today's bright little number, she should get out a little more.

After all, we hear that she's getting tired of hanging out with the hired help...

Worst dressed: Eva Green

Oh Eva, there you go, turning heads yet again. But not really for the right reasons...

We know that you're dark, and mysterious, and gothic. Still, you don't always have to be quite so obvious about it. What's wrong with a little bit of colour every now and again? It's the latest trend, y'know.

Perhaps French actresses are above the vagaries of fashion, but obviously such style queens as Audrey Tautou and Juliette Binoche didn't get that memo.

We don't think that 007 would be impressed by this not-so-little black dress. It may be designed by Mr Sexy himself, aka Tom Ford, but, notwithstanding the slightly tacky sheer top, it's really quite dreary.

It's definitely time for Eva to dial M for a makeover.

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