Saturday 21 April 2018

Red Carpet Wrap: Best and worst dressed

From left: Eva Mendes and Lisa Kudrow
From left: Eva Mendes and Lisa Kudrow
Rowena Walsh

Rowena Walsh

Who is a style queen and who should sack the stylist?

Best dressed: Eva Mendes

Now, we admit that Eva Mendes wasn't exactly on our radar. Neither as diva-like as JLo nor a spitfire like Salma, she just seemed to be a stereotypical Latino lovely who was happy to strip to her undies for Mr Klein. Yawn.

But then we spotted her in this jewel-coloured little number and began to change our mind.

Although we'd be happy to flirt with her sexy Prada halterneck, we're really loving Eva's pink floral clutch. It may actually be our favourite accessory -- ever. At least until next week anyway.

But what's particularly impressive is that Ms Mendes didn't just rush out to the Prada store, saying 'give me one in every colour', like some celebs we know.

Instead, the savvy fashionista actually recycled it from a two-year old shopping spree.

Eva Mendes, you may just be an icon for our times ...

Worst dressed: Lisa Kudrow

Who'd have thought it? There is actually a downside to being a star of one of the most popular TV programmes in the world. Yes, it seems that all that moola isn't quite enough compensation for the trauma our favourite actors have to endure.

Just look at poor Lisa Kudrow. Now if we were at the premiere of our latest movie, we'd be pulling out all the stops. Our best hairdresser, make-up artist, stylist and masseuse (well, of course, we need to be relaxed, don't we?!) would all be on speed-dial.

But not Ms Kudrow. Oh no. She's on a mission (impossible) to eradicate all traces of Phoebe from our collective memory (fyi, if she's starting to succeed, Phoebe was the pretty, kooky one who didn't end up with Ross or Chandler).

To that end, she's decided to wear possibly the most boring outfit we've ever seen on the red carpet. As if the bland black top and trousers weren't bad enough, covering up her nice (enough) figure with a grey cardigan knitted by her granny is even worse, and those brown 'things' she's using to protect her feet are actually causing us to shudder in horror.

A word to the wise, Lisa, just look at how much your friend Jen has done to purge the memory of Rachel and it hasn't worked. Do yourself a favour, remember how much you owe Phoebe, and commemorate her in style.

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