Sunday 19 January 2020

Red Carpet Wrap: Best and worst dressed

From left: Freida Pinto and Fergie
From left: Freida Pinto and Fergie

Rowena Walsh

Who is a style queen and who should be taken away by the fashion police?

Worst dressed: Fergie

Sigh, sometimes it's just too easy. Anyone else gotta feeling that Fergie might, just might, be regretting her choice of a tailcoat dress (yes, really, I kid you not) to the BET awards?

Normally we can rely on the Black Eyed Pea to turn up and wow us in a super-sexy mini. This time, we're stunned alright ... Still we should give her the benefit of the doubt.

Maybe, just maybe, she got tired of always flaunting those toned thighs and decided to adopt a more demure look. Can't blame her for that.

But then she got the heebie-jeebies (would she actually be recognised on the red carpet?), took a pair of scissors to the shockingly long hem (it's all relative, y'know) and got distracted halfway through trying to deal with the rumours of a rift between herself and bandmate Will.i.Am.

Maybe that's what happened, or maybe she just had a fashion meltdown. Either way, Fergie, please, we beg you, don't do it again.

Best dressed: Frieda Pinto

Oooh, we just love Oscar de la Renta. And he must love Frieda Pinto, because she looks stunning in this gorgeous one-shoulder dress from his Resort collection.

Elegant, interesting and just a little bit daring, it's the perfect lesson in grown-up glamour. And she's certainly accessorised it well, with Slumdog Millionaire's Dev Patel on her arm.

The fairytale continues for the beautiful model who fell for her unassuming co-star in the movie hit of '09.

Just don't mention the former fiancée she reportedly stopped calling after Slumdog took off.

Still, no one's perfect and the 25-year-old certainly gets the thumbs-up for her fashion nous.

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