Monday 20 November 2017

Red Carpet Wrap: Best and worst dressed

From left: Heidi Klum and Nicole Kidman
From left: Heidi Klum and Nicole Kidman
Rowena Walsh

Rowena Walsh

Who is a style queen and who should be taken away by the fashion police this week?

Best dressed: Heidi Klum

We admit it, we're really quite in awe of this woman. After all, the German model is unique.

Who else, just six weeks after the birth of her fourth child, would sashay down the runway at a Victoria's Secret show? Amazing, but what's even more impressive is that, unlike some others we could mention, she didn't imply that her baby weight just melted away.

Instead Klum actually moved her trainer into her LA home for gruelling twice-daily workouts. And there wasn't any comfort eating involved either, as she swapped processed food, sugar, dairy and even fruit for egg-white omelettes, spinach salads and grilled tuna with quinoa.

Now that's hard-core. No wonder she can pour herself into this skin-tight little number! We're almost speechless. In a word, wow!

Worst dressed: Nicole Kidman

It's hard to believe but this lady used to be lauded as a fashionista. Clad in Chanel, her red carpet moments were an inspiration to us all.

But no longer. No siree! So what could have happened to cause such a transformation? Could it be that Nicole is taking her role of wife to a country singer just a bit too seriously? It seems that the actress is getting her fashion inspiration from her husband.

Here they are looking all matchy matchy. While the Beckhams famously trussed themselves up in leather to do the same, at least they were young and needed the money! No such excuse for Nicole 'n' Keith. Unless ... let's think ... is this the latest form of couples therapy? If so, stop. No marriage is worth it.

This 'dress' is a crime against fashion. And who is responsible for it? Why, it's L'Wren Scott, who just happens to be Nicole's stylist. Hmm. Might be time to move on...

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