Wednesday 21 March 2018

Red carpet wrap: Best and worst dressed

From left: Robert Pattinson, Emilie De Ravin and Emma Bunton.
From left: Robert Pattinson, Emilie De Ravin and Emma Bunton.
Rowena Walsh

Rowena Walsh

Who is a style queen and who should be taken away by the fashion police?

Best dressed: Emilie de Ravin

So you're at the premiere of your latest movie. You've been 'linked' with your really quite cute co-star Robert Pattinson, but now after increasing hysterical rumours, he's finally come out and admitted that he's dating someone else.

'Someone else' just happens to be Kristen Stewart, the 19-year-old who plays his lover in the Twilight series of movies that comes complete with its own massive band of fans.

She's decided to turn up at the screening too, and the paparazzi are just mad to get a picture of the two lovebirds together. But not at the premiere of your movie! There's only so much a woman can be expected to deal with. Lost star Emilie de Ravin handles it perfectly in a stunning Gianfranco Ferre dress (poor Kristen may have the man, but she's not exactly blessed with sartorial sense, or indeed an ability to smile), drapes herself over Robert Pattinson and beams for the many, many cameras. What a trouper!

Worst dressed: Emma Bunton

We blame Rachel Zoe. The uber stylist had captured a host of A-listers in her twig-like clutches and managed to convince them that a diet of fresh air, a pair of bug-eyed sunglasses and an oversized clutch was all you needed to look fabulous. As if!

Still, it's not really surprising then that, shall we say, less-starry celebs attempted to copy Zoe's signature look, but we expected a bit more from the former Baby Spice. After all, fashion-savvy women everywhere cheered when the Zoe-bots grew a collective brain and went out into the big bad world of dressing up all by themselves.

Yes, they made mistakes (Lindsay Lohan and Mischa Barton, we're talking about you!) but, still, we were happy to help them by pointing these out.

Honestly, Emma, are you stuck in a time warp? We know you're trying -- those massive shoulders are truly hard to miss, unfortunately -- but that big bag combined with that big belt is so last decade and it's not exactly working for you now, is it? We suggest a counselling session with your good pal Victoria. Now there's a woman who appreciates that you must suffer for your art.

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