Wednesday 21 March 2018

Red carpet wrap: Best and worst dressed

From left: Stephanie Beacham and Rachel Stevens
From left: Stephanie Beacham and Rachel Stevens
Rowena Walsh

Rowena Walsh

Who is a style queen and who should sack the stylist?

Best dressed: Stephanie Beacham

Once a glamourpuss, always a glamourpuss. She may have swapped Denver for Weatherfield and the bright lights of Dynasty for the homely, em, charm of Coronation St, but we're happy to report that Stephanie Beacham hasn't dropped her sartorial standards.

We're love, love, loving her swing coat teamed with suitably dramatic opera-length gloves. Yes, colour us impressed. Former co-star Joan Collins would approve too, although we're pretty certain she wouldn't be so impressed with La Beacham's involvement in the z-list hell that masquerades as Celebrity Big Brother. But maybe we're being too harsh. Perhaps her New Year's resolution involves helping the needy; she'll certainly have met some choice candidates in that house.

Worst dressed: Rachel Stevens

Oh Rachel, if you're going to give up your singing career to concentrate on red-carpet appearances, then you're really going to have to make an effort.

Staying snug is all well and good but only under strictly controlled circumstances. That is, when you're safely at home behind closed doors with the curtains firmly closed, not where there are cameras and paparazzi.

If they're going to make the effort to turn up at the opening of an envelope, it's only fair to give them something better to critique than a black coat over a dark dress, for goodness sake! You're giving recently married women a bad name. Cute hair though. Maybe we won't quite give up on you yet ...

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