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Red Carpet Wrap: Best and worst dressed


From left: Katherine Jenkins and Drew Barrymore

From left: Katherine Jenkins and Drew Barrymore

From left: Katherine Jenkins and Drew Barrymore

Who is a style queen and who should be taken away by the fashion police this week?

Best dressed: Katherine Jenkins

Believe it or not, this dress is from H&M. Yes, really! Admittedly it's from the store's collaboration with Lanvin, but still.

It may actually be the perfect look for a positive start to 2011. Forget all the doom and gloom, here's how to work austerity chic.

The short hemline display Katherine's shapely pins, the one-shoulder detailing adds interest to a simple design and the waistband serves to show off her enviable figure -- the black provides a fantastic contrast to the primary colour, while bright red lipstick adds a sultry touch.

Ms Jenkins shows us just how to hit all the high notes in style

Worst dressed: Drew Barrymore

Okay, we think we might know what's going on here.

Drew Barrymore woke up on New Year's Day and had the bright idea that it was time to put the girl-next-door look to the back of the wardrobe and remind the rest of us mere mortals that she really is a star.

Understandable, really. It's all very well being pictured casually hanging out with your gal pals, but what's the point in being an A-lister if your audience can't aspire to be you or at the very least steal your style? We do appreciate the sentiment, if not the execution.

The 'A' in this case could definitely stand for audacious, abominable, awful. What a shame. And while we're not being mean, not really anyway, we're just not sure that the dress was designed with 5ft 4 curvy girls in mind.

Bedhead hair and garish make-up aren't really helping her cause either, but don't worry, Drew, it's not all bad -- we do quite like your oh-so-cute clutch.


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