Tuesday 24 October 2017

Red carpet: worst, Naomi Watts. best, Taylor Swift

Regular celeb watchers may be accustomed to seeing Naomi hanging out in New York with partner Liev Schreiber and their two cute-as-a-button boys. She does downtime daywear really quite well, but it seems that the hardworking mother may have forgotten just how to play dress-up.

Are we the only ones humming "we're going to the chapel and we're going to get married"?

We don't think so...

Desperate bride-to-be isn't a good look for anyone, y'know, especially when you're famously unmarried.

But, despite appearances, Naomi is smarter than the average star, and we suspect that she's only indulging in this frothy frocky horror show (it's Marchesa, would you believe?!?) to distract our attention from the movie she's supposed to be promoting.

One revered style icon is definitely turning in her grave. Now this is how to publicise a movie (take note, please, Ms Watts), and it's all the more impressive because Taylor Swift isn't appearing in a single scene of One Chance. She's certainly stealing the spotlight from those who are though...

Still, it's all for the greater good. Although we must admit that we were surprised to hear that she has a song in the movie. We had always thought that Taylor sang simply to get revenge on her many, many exes.

Not that we're judging ...

She may have somewhat dubious taste in men (seriously, Taylor, why would you expect a deep and meaningful relationship with someone nicknamed Mayer the Player, and as for Harry Styles, words almost fail us).

Okay, we lied. We are judging ... and we're happy to report that the pop tart looks really quite amazing in this fabulous Calvin Klein dress which clings to every curve. It's about a million times better than the outfit she wore to the VMAs, where Harry just happened to be hanging out

Taylor, forget about the boys for a while, the single look suits you so much better.

– Rowena Walsh

Irish Independent

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