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Red Carpet: Worst dressed, Paula Abdul. Best dressed, Sofia Vergara

It's not entirely surprising that a presenter would choose to pay homage to a TV award.

Although to be honest, we really don't think it should be encouraged. It's a little bit needy, don't you think?

And those who say that you should dress for the role you want would surely look on in horror at Paula Abdul taking such a literal interpretation of their advice. It seems that she's decided to mimic an actual Emmy statuette.

We're probably being a bit unfair.

The Emmy is really quite a good-looking award.

Unfortunately, it's just not possible to say that about the former X Factor judge's outfit.

The neck-to-toe dress looks like one of those protective blankets wrapped around marathon runners at the end of a race. Actually, one of those blankets would probably be a lot more flattering.

Paula, what were you thinking?!

That's a definite no from us – in case you were wondering. Yes, she gives great red carpet, but that's not why we like the Modern Family star.

We like Sofia because the Colombian actress is not afraid to put the all-singing, all-dancing show-off that is Miley Cyrus in her place with a demonstration of how her countrywomen invented the twerk . . .

Video of the Day

The joy of after-show parties. You're very, very good beforehand (how else are you going to work a red-hot Vera Wang number to its very best effect?), and very, very bad afterwards . . . seemingly there was also a cheeseburger involved.

Not that Sofia indulges that often if this figure-hugging (and hard-working) dress is anything to go by. Sexy, and sassy, it's typical Sofia, and we like it a lot, even if we were a little bit worried that she might give her audience a little more than she had planned . . .

– Rowena Walsh

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