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Red carpet: Worst dressed, Cate Blanchett. Best dressed, Olivia Wilde

We're not afraid to admit it: we love Cate Blanchett.

We love that she isn't afraid to take risks whether it's dressing up as Bob Dylan on screen or embracing her theatrical side on the red carpet.

In fact, we love her so much that we even sat through an evening of experimental German theatre simply because she was starring in it.

We won't make that mistake again...

And hopefully Cate won't make this mistake again either.

We're all for experimentation, but this is several steps too far.

She's opted for futuristic Givenchy before, and indeed we quite admired her efforts with that label at the 2011 Oscars.

But this shoulder-baring, halter-neck affair with its built-in cape is simply too bizarre, not to mention ill-fitting and unflattering. It's a lesson in how NOT to wear black.

We're sorry, Cate, we really, really hate to admit it, but this is a fashion fail. Hmm, she may be Wilde by name, but the Rush star isn't exactly wild by nature if her red-carpet choices are any indication.

Obviously, we're not privy to what she does behind closed doors but we do hope it's an awful lot more fun than her wardrobe choices seem to suggest.

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Covered up and conservative seem to be her favourite accessories. We simply don't understand it. After all, if we never touched processed food and worked out five times a week, we'd be showing off the results.

Isn't that the point of going to the gym?!?

Now don't get us wrong; Olivia's structured LBD isn't exactly from the school of 'if you've got it, flaunt it'. But it is really quite classy and shows a figure that's normally buried under many, many layers.

We approve. And we're loving that super-sized clutch. Nice job.

– Rowena Walsh

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