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QI promised myself at the beginning of the year that I was going to start wearing more colour. My current wardrobe is mainly black and grey with the odd bit of navy. I'm quite sallow skinned and my friends are always saying I should be wearing more colour. Not sure where to even begin. Any advice?

Sarah (34), Kildare

A Typical pale Irish skintones can find it tricky to pull off wearing colour, so I think your friends have a point and you should definitely embrace your sallow tone.

Take baby steps at first to introduce a wider palette of shades to your wardrobe. Ease yourself in with some subtle colour through your accessories.

For instance, the leather-look navy, beige and coral colour 1) block bowler bag from River Island (€55) offers an easy fix.

It's not about suddenly wearing every colour under the rainbow. For example a white top such as this 2) embroidered detail blouse (€18, Heatons), will work seamlessly with your current wardrobe, giving a lift to a darker base.

Once you're feeling more confident, you can start ramping it up. As always, colour flourishes in the fashion world for spring so you won't be short on choice. Inject a myriad of colours to your look with this 3) blue and coral textured dress with white draped trim by Roland Mouret (€985, Costume).

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Alternatively, go for a pattern with Phase Eight's 4) 'Roxie' full-length paisley print jumpsuit (€131). While not the loudest colour choice, the wide leg is very fashion forward and the crossover front waist-tie will nip you in at all the right places to create a super-flattering silhouette.

My top tip while you're still getting used to the idea of wearing colour is to be strategic about where you place it. Don't wear the brightest colour on the parts of the body you're most conscious about.

Remember, have fun with it, they're only clothes at the end of the day and you'll be surprised what a splash of colour can do on even the dullest of days.

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