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Razzle dazzle'em: Style seminars wtih model Corina Grant

Are you lost in a sea of florals? Are you struggling, perhaps, to understand the appeal of high-waisted trousers? Or maybe you just can’t find your style mojo for spring/summer 2011?

Well, praise be! Irish Model Corina Grant is offering a range of self-help style seminars to give any floundering fashionistas some much-needed direction.

Taking place in Dublin’s Morgan Hotel, Udazzle teaches teenagers, mums or wannabe models how to stay on top of trends. But it isn’t all about looks, you know.

Corina also focuses on what she calls the “inner dazzle”, encouraging pupils to broaden their interests and horizons.

“Take an interest in politics,” she says “and watch E! News!” Yes, that should ensure some sparkling badinage around the dinner table.

Courses take place throughout the year.

See www.udazzle.ie