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Quick fixes

Watch out! You might catch pregnancy off this page. Seriously, sisters!

Everyone I know is either pregnant or has just had a baby, or is trying for a baby. At home in Schull, my cousin, Sinead O'Driscoll, had a baby boy, Caolan, at Christmas.

So, hands up if you're a new mum or if you're too damn tired, lazy or low maintenance to remove your make-up properly before going to bed.

Ahhh, I see . . . Well, lately, that's me as well!

The good news? Step forward, please, Irish brand WaterWipes Sensitive Make-Up Removal Wipes, below, €3.49, nationwide. These wipes are 100 per cent natural, and are free from alcohol, fragrance, lanolin, colourants and perfume.

As a busy mum, time is short – wipes are an easy way to remove make-up at the day's end. The packet has a good amount of wipes – 24 – for the price and they remove make-up pretty well. They feel gentle and I find that they don't leave any slimy residue on the skin. I'm McLovin them.

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