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Plus-size Crystal hits out at pressure to stay curvy

In an industry dominated by the stick thin, Crystal Renn ( left) stands out as one of the few plus-sized models to have obtained genuine global recognition with the leading fashion houses.

She regularly graces the pages of 'Vogue', is on the books of one of New York's top modelling agencies and is this season's face of Jimmy Choo.

Now the model -- whose shape has made her a poster girl for those who struggle to relate to the images of women they see in magazines -- has hit out at the media and her fans for boxing her in to the plus-sized category and expecting her to maintain her fuller figure.

In a video interview published on the website of Ford Models, Renn's agency, the 24-year-old said: "Where do I feel pressure? Probably more than any place from the public. And the media. "By placing a title on my head -- which is plus size -- and the picture that people have placed in their mind about what plus size is, I'll basically fail you just with that."

Unlike most models, Renn is not angry with people for expecting her to keep weight off. She is instead annoyed by the pressure on her to keep her fuller figure.

Over the past month, fashion blogs and gossip columns have been filled with feverish comments over Renn's changing figure which has dropped from the UK size 16 that made her so famous, to a 12.

In the fashion world, Renn's figure is relatively curvaceous. Most women of her build would not get a look in at the mainstream agencies. But many commentators have used Renn's recent weight loss as an opportunity to suggest the Florida-born model is somehow selling out.

But if Renn had her way, the phrase plus-size wouldn't exist. "Plus-sized model doesn't mean plus-size woman," she said. (© Independent News Media)

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