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Pixie Geldof unveils her Topshop edit


Pixie Geldof  at Topshop

Pixie Geldof at Topshop

A selection of Pixie's Topshop Edited range.

A selection of Pixie's Topshop Edited range.


Pixie Geldof at Topshop

If you want to know what Pixie Geldof – model, singer and hipster – would wear, you can check out her choices at Topshop’s edited boutique.

The Topshop Edited challenge asks a famous fashion face picks their dream wardrobe from the high street store’s extensive showroom.

The 21-year-old, who is known for her grungey, eclectic glamour channels a look that is world’s removed from most other identikit starlets.

Her Topshop Edited pics include colourful platform sandals, bright bras, , some Nineties style printed pastel high-waisted jeans, a few slip dresses that look like they fell off a hanger in Courtney Love's closet, a couple of boyfriend coats and some novelty specs et voila! Geldof to go.

Pixie's Edited range will be in the dedicated mini-boutique at Topshop's Oxford Circus flagship store at 286 Regent Street from June 1-15. Topshop.com