Wednesday 21 March 2018

Pippa Middleton responsible for bum-boosting knicker sales? Utter pants

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images
The Only Way is Essex star, Chloe Sims

Belinda White

Are British women really this desperate to look like Pippa Middleton or does the real answer lie somewhere east of Chelsea?

She's already been credited with a resurgence in popularity of flesh coloured tights, knee-high boots, fake tan and other trends that went out with the eighties, but Pippa Middleton's latest fashion coup is a real showstopper.

Her Royal Hotness™ has this week been credited with bottom-boosting pants outselling conventional knickers at high street store Debenhams.

They claim that their Invisible Shaping Bum Boosters - which add an extra two inches to the derrière and flatten the stomach - will help give 'ordinary' people the pert P-Middy posterior look. Of course it helps if you're a size eight with a flat bottom to start with, these bad boys aren't for the bootyliciously blessed, only pancake pants need apply.

However, although Debenhams have been quick to make a royal connection to the increased fortunes for their Shaping Bum Boosters, I smell a rat here. With the royal wedding a distant, fading memory, the great British public (the ones who don't spend the weekend grouse shooting at Earl Percy's estate) have, I suspect, found a new sweetheart.

Step forward The Only Way is Essex star, Chloe Sims, the single mother cum blow-up doll with a heart of gold and the flattest bottom known to mankind.

Her quest for the perfect 'bubble butt' enthralled the nation during TOWIE's recent run, as we followed our heroine to Harley Street where she was briefed on the reality of bottom implant surgery (in short, you can't sit down for two weeks in case they displace or your stitches burst), and back to Essex where she decided to stick, for now, with her trusty padded pants.

Pippa may be made in Chelsea, 'butt' for real women, the only way is Essex.

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