Monday 23 October 2017

Peruzzi: Irish fashion with continental chic

Brown treggings,
€69, and multifabric
coat, €349
Brown treggings, €69, and multifabric coat, €349
Grey wool coat with wide-neck collar detail, €295
Classic, black sleeveless dress in shift style, €79
Black single-breasted coat with belt, €249
Bairbre Power

Bairbre Power

Bairbre Power goes to Venice to explore a homegrown brand with continental chic and global appeal.

Women are guilty of not only holding on to clothes but also memories, especially romantic interludes and weekends away somewhere special.

It's impossible to park the backdrop of romance when you are shooting the best of Irish fashion in the beautiful city of Venice.

Even your morning espresso tastes better when you are sitting under the elegant arcades around the Piazza San Marco. Napoleon called it the "drawing room of Europe" because of the stylish traffic, and it still hums with fashionable people.

There wasn't much time for coffee-drinking on our shoot with Peruzzi, an Irish fashion company with an Italian design aesthetic that prides itself on catering for the over-35 woman who wants sophistication and individuality.

The brand puts a lot of emphasis on quality fabrics coupled with design twists. Peruzzi has become Ireland's biggest fashion export brand, reaching from Europe to Russia. This season it debuts in the US.

But back to our shoot. The reason the piazza was so tourist-free is because model Alison Canavan and photographer German Collins were out at 5am to take advantage of the empty square and canal banks.

Quirky dresses have become one of the brand's signature looks over the years and, this season, cut and texture is a big feature, with designers factoring five different fabrics in to some dresses. The end result is a rich tapestry coupled with relaxed luxury.

The Peruzzi coats are particularly strong this season. I like the quirky design and casual comfort of the grey coat with abstract embroidery, at less than €300.

If you prefer classic looks, there is a single-breasted, high-collared coat in smart/safe black. Don't wait for Christmas to enjoy the uplifting glow from a cherry-red, wide-collared coat.

Packing for a weekend away, treggings are ideal because of their sheer versatility in dressing up and down. They come in chocolate brown, grey, navy and black.

Peruzzi is available in Choice boutiques and leading independent retailers. See

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