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Paul Galvin: Taking style direction


One Direction. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo

One Direction. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo

One Direction. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo

They may only be teenagers, and in a boyband at that, yet Paul Galvin can't help but admire the snappy dressing of Harry Styles and Co

Those One Direction boys must know the only way is up. Whirlwinds have nothing on them for causing frenzy when they hit town.

Tornadoes can only admire their ability to make young women reach between their legs to preserve their modesty and prevent their skirts from blowing away.

The boyband has happened quicker than a boyband can disappear. Third in 'X Factor', five individuals met at a crossroads and went straight.

You needn't worry; they'll not be disappearing anytime soon. They have more than enough of that X factor to stay relevant.

I have to admit, I've been admiring the 1D lads' antics from afar for a while. Harry with that unruly mop wooing ladies from television twice his age.

Niall Horan taking Harry's success as a Lothario to heart and making moves on our own lady in television, Glenda Gilson, via Twitter. The youth of today, eh?

Good old Twitter deserves a mention these days. It's the new craze for the nu-wave. The barometer by which all things are measured. The chaps have three million followers and counting to the tune of 35,000 new followers per day.

All the while, Syco sits back and dreams up new ways of cashing in on 140 characters.

That their music isn't quite my cup of Pu-erh is wholly irrelevant. Music has little to do with being in a boyband. Does it? Perhaps I'm being a little cynical.

These boys have each their own musical talents, I'm very sure. Each were picked for a reason. They had the necessary looks and charisma to make young girls twist and shout.

Looks and image are important components for a boyband, too. These boys really look the part. Every time I see Niall Horan and his band of merry boys, they always look so tailored.

Dressed up or dressed down, they're fitting bills everywhere they go, from YouTube to the UK to the US. They wear so much suiting with a twist I began to wonder who was dressing them.

Meet Caroline Watson, One Direction's very clever stylist. It was she who turned her hand to styling Blue back in the day. Don't scoff.

With the help of Dolce & Gabbana, Watson turned them from boyband to manband by dressing them in a classier manner than you would normally associate with boybands.

A Sarf Londoner, Caroline has also worked with Kanye West, the Beckhams and P Diddy from her LA base.

Dressing Diddy can't have been easy. I've found more taste in a cup of cold tea.

Appearances can be deceptive, but it appears to me that she has applied the same grown-up manband criteria to styling 1D.

They're more pop-rock than pop. Their image is very strong and it owes much to their styling. Even though the lads are aged 18 to 20, they dress with the sensibility of young men in their 20s.

All tailored in one-button blazers, fitted shirts and tapered trousers, each has their own individual look.

They do like to dress up for occasions such as the Brits. One will wear a tie, one will wear a dickybow, one will go with a T-shirt and braces, one will go with a shirt buttoned up and no tie, and so on. Each look complements the next.

Zayn Malik wears Lyle & Scott a lot. While this is quite a preppy, grown-up label, he dresses it down with Topman and Nike high-tops.

Stylish Harry has the most mature look of the boys. He loves a bow-tie and I have to applaud his penchant for braces.

It's little details like this that have these boys featuring on 'GQ's' best-dressed lists. No easy feat, especially at their tender ages.

Dressing a little older than your age forces people to take you a little more seriously. There's nothing a boyband fears more than disdain.

1D attack this head on. Photo-shoots in high-brow fashion magazines such as 'Tatler' make people look a little deeper. A few big hits, good looks, smart style, and suddenly The Beatles have grand- children.

The USA comes calling just to prove that there's still nothing Middle America loves more than some clean-cut, pop music from young white boys with white teeth, good hair and good manners. They just found five more Justin Biebers.

Harry likes his Lyle & Scott too, as well as Zara and All Saints. Again, tags more associated with very stylish twentysomethings.

Ireland's boyish Niall has the most boyish style. River Island and Topman are his staples. Liam and Louis pull from Topman and All Saints too.

All in all, these boys are very smart dressers for their age. They're not afraid of a splash of colour, which is refreshing, and whether they co-ordinate colour themselves or through Caroline Watson, they never get it wrong.

I saw one of them wear a red blazer with burgundy skinny trousers and a white shirt recently. Excellent work.

I bet Watson dresses each of them every day, except one. There's always a wayward one in a boyband. The Robbie of the group.

Independent. Talented. Strong-minded. Could go it alone if he wanted. Wouldn't even listen to a stylist. Yeah, I bet that Harry styles himself.

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