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Paul Galvin: Keep a glo profile

Model walks the catwalk for Topman Design spring/summer 2013 collection on June 15, 2012 in London, England. (Photo by Tim Whitby/Getty Images)
Model walks the catwalk for Topman Design spring/summer 2013 collection on June 15, 2012 in London, England. (Photo by Tim Whitby/Getty Images)

Paul Galvin

Womenswear is the new menswear, but leave neon to the rave scene. Instead, embrace this season's hottest colour -- yellow, says Paul Galvin

It's beginning to happen. Men's liberation. Or just men's lib, if you prefer. A social movement born in fashion has stirred.

The feminist movement that is fashion is, ahem, well it's moving. Into menswear. I swear that the more I see of men's fashion today, the more I see womenswear.

In fact, womenswear is the new menswear -- Kanye in leather trousers, men in skinny jeans, Topman doing leopard print, colours, patterns, shorts, skorts and jewellery.

Trends filtering down a season later is no longer enough for men, it appears. Now we want to wear the trend when it happens, as it happens.

It's a question of equality, really. Feminism has no masculine opposite, but it now has a rival. Fashionism.

Fashionism is the movement that demands equality in fashion. Fashionism, I hereby declare, is the equal sharing of fashion trends among men and women.

Looking at the shows from London Collections: Men, the clear trend coming through in menswear is neon. Yes, neon. From Topman to E Tautz to MAN, the references are there.

Hell, there's more than references. The Topman show featured models striding on down in hot pink, electric blue, lime green and all sorts of neon delights.

The girls started it all, as usual. Jil Sander, Christopher Kane and Nina Garcia.

If Sander's neon-sole Oxford shoes reference the trend, Christopher Kane's blazers and biker jackets pick it up and sling it over your shoulder.

Kim Kardashian turned Kanye neon green when she threw on her Christopher Kane neon-orange crepe biker jacket, I bet.

It's not a trend for men, in my opinion. In fact, it's not even a good look on girls. I don't like loud colours, in the same way I don't like loud prints. I prefer understated dress.

Be that as it may, neon is on the way. Next summer, expect to see full-on neon. T-shirts and shorts. And if you're a fan of E Tautz, you might even fancy a neon cape.

Patrick Grant's label hit the trend hard with neon blazers and shirts. More of E Tautz at a later date.

Of course, neon shirts are nothing new to us Irish. Those of you who have ever been to an Irish wedding will vouch for that. Lime green and electric-blue shirts under a black suit separate the men from the boys. There's always one. Pint of Guinness, please.

From the Irishman to MAN. MAN is a fashion initiative from Topman and Fashion East. This collaboration offers young designers the chance to show collections to buyers and editors, with the chance to win bursaries and invaluable PR.

Menswear designer Astrid Andersen is the brains behind MAN. Olympic fever and yellow fever have struck Astrid's brain, it appears. MAN employs a sporty take on neons with mesh see-through sweatshirts and baggy shorts in yellow.

Yellow is a colour I've been looking out for myself lately. Expect to see lots of it by next summer. This summer it's going to be around, too. Mostly on girls, where it belongs.

For me, neon needs to go back where it belongs -- the rave scene. Glowsticks and whistles in the underground.

Here comes the science bit. Neon is a very common element in the universe, but it's rare on earth. So there you go. It doesn't belong above ground, except on signage, of course.

For me, there's no good way for a man to rock the neon trend. Leave that one to the girls.

Fashionism is still alive and kicking. We'll make like a pole vaulter and jump on top of the next big trend that's cool.

Like yellow. We can jump on the yellow trend next summer instead. I've already started with yellow socks on navy denim.

I'm on the lookout for yellow tees. I have trainers with yellow soles. To be a dickhead about it, I've started 'channelling' yellow.

'Channelling.' Another fashion word I can't deal with.

Anyway, prepare to see splashes of yellow on the shelves later this summer.

If you want to get ahead, try some yellow now. Leave the neon to the very stylish Garda, county council workers, bin collectors, traffic wardens and pedestrians that beat our streets. High-vis has never been so stylish.

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