Sunday 18 February 2018

Paul Galvin: A change of pace

Paul Galvin

Listen up! Wearing the same clothes as yesterday is the new black -- plus, Irishmen have been doing it for centuries, says Paul Galvin

It's rather difficult to be fashionable when you're forgetful. Proper, serious stylers (yes, that is a made-up word) are organised. They plan with military precision what they wear. Then, they wear it with military precision.

This is serious business and it's not to be taken lightly. Dress can affect mood in a very real way, so be careful what to say to serious stylers.

Disrespect the outfit and you disrespect the man/woman. This can lead to problems. Strops, strips, walk-outs, silent treatment, screaming treatment and lots of other stresses can result from saying the wrong thing.

I used to be one until I realised there was absolutely no fun in it. Around the same time I realised I could never follow the rules required to be a serious styler.

Always wear this with that, always wear that with this. Never wear the same thing twice, never wear an item of clothing two days in a row, never wear something someone you know already has, never wear girls' clothes...

Ahem, what I mean is... we all know that one -- goes without saying. What guys wear girls' clothes anyway, for God's sake?

Obviously no man would wear a girl's T-shirt, or anything like that.

There is another big reason why I could never be a serious styler. I'm disorganised by nature. It's part of my personality. I've convinced myself that it's a cute, quirky trait that simply can't be helped and has nothing to do with laziness.

And apart from what I might wear, I never plan anything.

I'm also quite forgetful. Which means that while I might plan to wear something the next day, I can often forget and wear it again the following day, or the second next day.

I can never remember what I've worn the day before. I'll find myself walking around town some days lost in thought. Then, I'll get that sinking feeling when I realise I'm possibly wearing the very same clothes as yesterday.

Then, I'll get lost in deep thought trying to remember what it was I wore yesterday.

I am capable of forgetting what happened five minutes ago, never mind what I wore a day previously, so the battle to remember is tense.

The exchange with myself goes something like this. "Was I wearing this jacket yesterday? Where did I go? Hold on now, who was I with? I'm sure I was wearing these shoes anyway. And I always wear these jeans with these shoes. Oh Jesus, I'm a holy show walking around in the same clothes for two days. The shame!"

So I regularly break the golden rule in fashion, which is never to wear the same outfit two days in a row.

When I thought about it, I realised what a load of nonsense that rule is. And it possibly only applies to women. Or very fashion-conscious men.

I'm easy. If you love something you're wearing, then why not wear it as much as you can? It's easy to make subtle changes to it while keeping the look the same. Introducing colour can easily do this, for instance.

My favourite look at the moment is jeans or trousers, and a shirt and jumper under a blazer with a smart pair of shoes. It's smart and versatile.

You might love the fit of the blazer and trousers and so want to keep wearing them. Please do so. These can remain, but a different colour jumper and shirt can change the look.

Different colour socks can work wonders for a look, too. Wear a red pair, for example, and no one takes any notice of the rest of your look.

Yellow is the same, though it's hard to find trousers that will work with yellow socks. I have a feeling for matching them with red or burgundy trousers.

The right washed denim could work well, also. I can see the wash in my mind's eye. It's just a feeling, I hasten to add -- I haven't quite got the courage for it yet.

I've now reached a stage where if I really like a look, I'll just wear the same outfit for a few days. How very uncool. Two days would probably be the limit, though. Three might be pushing it a bit.

The way I see it, once you're changing your socks and jocks every day, the rest can hang around a bit longer.

And if you think about it, how lame is it to spend ages trying to put together something to wear that you haven't worn before, just so people will think you're trendy?

Funk that. That's not trendy at all.

So, I hereby announce the latest fashion trend to hit Ireland. Wearing the same clothes as yesterday. It's the new black.

I've just been reminded that Irish men have been doing this for centuries anyway. I guess I've just caught up to the stylers.

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